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Welcome to our advertise page of our business directory and information portal. Our site is focused on both providing quality information to all visitors as well as driving potential customers to your business website. We have a number of both free and paid advertising options, which are listed below. Our site received over 777 visitors last quarter.

Advertising Options

Free Business Listing – if you have a business that is relevant to our site that you would like listed in our business listings sections of our location or product pages then please fill out the contact form below with your business name, e-mail, phone number and short description (under 150 characters) along with the product and location pages which your business is related to and whether you have linked back to us or not.

As suggested above you can show your support for our site by linking back to us from anywhere on your site. In turn we will show our support for you by listing your business above those businesses on our product and location pages which have not linked back to us. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity because our statistics show that significantly more visitors visit the sites of businesses listed higher in our listings.

Content Publication and Industry Commentary – if you have expertise related to this industry there may be opportunities to gain exposure for your business by participating in the content publications such as contributing to industry news, interviews, product guides and general articles. If you would like to be considered for these opportunities please send us your contact details via the contact form below.

Banner Ads – if you are interested in obtaining more exposure for your business that both targets a relevant audience and provides good value you can opt to have your business’ banner ads displayed on our site. Please view our banner advertising positions and rates below. Use the contact form below to secure your exclusive banner ad.

No banner ad options available at this time. Please send us your contact details if you’d like to be notified of future banner advertising campaigns on this site.

Top 7 Reasons To Advertise With Us:

  • More potential buyers visiting your site – plain and simple!
  • Quality business exposure – recommendations and positive testimonials have been shown to significantly increase sales.
  • Don’t pay for general browsing – most people searching the web are not in the late stage of the buying process so don’t waste your money paying per click.
  • Improve your search engine rankings – major search engines see relevant links to your site as a sign of quality which improves your rankings.
  • Beat your competition – the more links to your site helps you in the battle for search engine rankings giving you a bigger slice of the pie.
  • Dirt cheap – don’t pay over a $1 per CLICK on pay per click networks!
  • Get results instantly – increase your traffic and exposure straight away – don’t wait months for search engines to crawl and then rank your site.



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