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The daring sport of drifting cars is the latest and great craze taking the world by storm. People’s interests are now in action-packed drifting competitions.
The risky challenges in drifting send exhilarating emotions to the watchers as well as to the driver themselves. It’s an exciting way for a driver to show their expertise in this type of motorsport. It just couldn’t be any more entertaining!
Drifting is merely placing the car in a state of an over steer. The driver or drifter makes a turn and lets the car move sideways. Expert drifters do this by turning the car in opposite directions without getting the tires grip on the road.
Drifting skills are mastered with months of diligent practice. The drifter will have to spend a lot of money on tires. Likewise, he must train himself to master the different drifting techniques one move at a time.
Unfortunately, not all cars are suitable for drift racing. Drift cars must have a rear wheel drive and an excellent suspension. They must also weigh from light to moderate. A specific type of tires is used and they need to be replaced often. Drift cars must also have good power to weight ratio.
The LSD or limited slip diff enables the rears tires to easily drift. The lower the center of gravity is, the greater the stability. To achieve this, a drift car needs to have the suspension lowered or coiled over. This also strengthens the car’s suspension.
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