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Thank you for visiting the R/C Melbourne Drift Car section of our web site. This part of the site has been built to supply you with information about drift car associated businesses around Melbourne. The contact details of companies around Melbourne as well as a link to the business’ website can be found within the listings. If you are searching for businesses within Melbourne be sure to read through the listings lower down on the page.

Drift Cars was created in order to be both an information source about this specialized vehicle type as well as a database for companies associated with the drift car motorsports. If you are searching for information about drift cars please feel free to look through the articles we’ve listed in the navigation bar at the right. You can read through them to find valuable details about drift cars. Moreover, the Location pages listed in our right-hand navigation bar provide the contact information of drift car companies located in major Australian cities.

We’ve listed a number of Melbourne based drift car companies down below. Should you have further questions regarding anything relevant to drift cars, you can send them to us through the contact form down the page. If you are the owner of a drift car company within the Melbourne region and need additional information on how to have your business posted in our website, check out our Advertise page.

Melbourne Drift Cars Business Listings

Name: RC Garage
Email: sales@rcgarage.com
Phone: 03 97380212

Name: Victorian Hobby Centre
Email: sales@victorianhobbycentre.com.au
Phone: 03 9650 4817

Name: Mobile Raceways Shop
Email: info@mrslotcar.com.au
Phone: +61 3 9791-4242

Name: Hearns Hobbies
Email: hh@hearnshobbies.com
Phone: (03) 9629 1425 or (03) 9614 3603







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