Drift Cars

Remote Control or RC Drift Cars

RC drift cars or remote control drift cars are scaled down versions of real size drift cars. They are greatly similar not just in appearance and feel but also in the mechanism that governs the car in that the drive mechanism of an RC drift car follows that of a real life drift car.

Drifting is a driving method which makes a car glides at angle while turning. It is becoming a popular feature in modern motorsport. Drifting is done to cause the highest possible over steer in a car while maintaining speed.

RC drift cars are either powered by nitro or electric. The good thing about the electric models is that they do not burn the clutch. Electric powered RC drift cars are also easier to handle. In drifting, they also exhibit a better response.

Essentially, any RC drift cars can drift. The skills of the driver will be the decisive factor in making a car drift better than others.







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