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Why Purchase This Site

So why would you want to acquire driftcars.com.au?

Aside from it being a absolute bargain it also offers ongoing and irreplaceable value that gives you the edge over your competition!

Building a website from scratch is like laying the foundation to your home. Without solid foundations your website is never going to be a success. So why not eliminate that risk and buy a site that is already a success – one with stable foundation for future growth.

Building an online asset is not easy – before approaching any website designer you need to know:

  • What are your potential customers looking for?
  • What type of content should go into the site?
  • How are you going to get customers to your site?
  • How do you optimise your site for Google so you can outrank your competition?
  • How do you turn website visitors into potential clients that pick up the phone and call you?
  • How do you maximise your conversion of visitors into leads?
  • And where on earth do you find website designers that have the knowhow and ability to pull it all off for a reasonable price?

The Essentials of A Successful Website

Anyone can create a website these days, but simply building a website doesn’t mean it’s going to be a success. It’s a rare few who can create “successful” websites that will actually generate business for you rather than one that just sits there, looks pretty, but never gets to be seen by anyone. In fact, your website can even become a liability as you spend money every month on hosting and updates. It takes years of experience in online marketing, search engine optimisation, conversion rate optimisation and more, to know how to develop a successful site that brings in free traffic from the search engines.

So don’t approach website designers with a simple question like “Can you make a website for our business?” – ask the tough questions instead:

  • If I spend thousands of dollars building a website with you guys can you guarantee we will get a return on our investment?
  • Are you an expert in search engine optimisation and conversation rate optimisation or are you just a web/graphic designer?
  • Is the site simple enough that we can update and manage it ourselves or will we have to constantly pay you to implement expensive updates and add additional content?

Undoubtedly, the vast majority of the web designers can’t guarantee you a return on your investment. Most web designers are not experts in ‘generating business’ via websites and leave those critical design elements up to you – so what’s the point in paying for their so-called expertise? And don’t forget that your return business is valuable to them, so the less you are able to do yourself the better it is for them.

DON’T pay for a web designer to build you a website that doesn’t get visitors and can’t be managed in house! That’s not what you want – you want online assets that GENERATE YOU BUSINESS 24/7 without needing a technical expert to run it.

Save Yourself All the Dirty Work

Here are a few reasons why purchasing a website that is up and running IS your better option:

  • You don’t have to find a good web designer (hardest part)
  • You don’t have to guess what the most efficient lead generating design is
  • You don’t have to work out what people are searching for in Google
  • You don’t have to write content to get those people to visit your site
  • You don’t have to search engine optimise your site to rank for those terms
  • You don’t have to operate complex content management systems
  • You don’t have to constantly pay a web designer to have more content added
  • You don’t have to set up and install visitor tracking
  • You don’t have to build links to generate more search engine traffic
  • You don’t have to get the site listed and ranking in the search engines
  • It’s already been all done for you.

How Internet Marketing Strategies Can Help You

We at Internet Marketing Strategies build low cost, efficient, and effective sites for ourselves, and we monetise them by selling advertising and leads. That’s exactly what makes them great investments for businesses. They already have content added, are optimised for search engines, generating traffic and converting that traffic into leads. So you know if we can make money with these sites by selling a product – you definitely can!

www.driftcars.com.au has already had over 777 visitors in the last 3 months! Imagine what you can do if you get your brand and products in front of another 3000 eyeballs each quarter.

Check out these statistics:

  • www.driftcars.com.au has already generated 1,619 visitors and 3,628 page views, with 88.16 percent of traffic coming from search engine queries. It has also received a considerable number of leads via its lead forms.
  • In the last 3 months www.driftcars.com.au has received free traffic from www.google.com.au for 263 different keyword/keyword phrases and ranks in the top 10 terms like:
  • .
    • drift cars for sale
    • rc drift cars for sale
    • rc drift cars for sale in australia
    • drift cars
    • drift rc cars for sale

So why are these sites so successful? Well a big part of this site’s success centres around what in the domain industry is called a premium keyword domain – i.e. a domain that contains a popularly searched keyword/keyword phrase. This premium keyword domain gives this site a significant advantage in the search rankings over your competitors for related terms. This factor alone makes the site worth investing in, with hundreds of premium domains being bought and sold in the Australian market every week – some have recently sold for over $100,000!

For more information about acquiring www.driftcars.com.au for your business submit your enquiry below. Don’t miss this great opportunity!







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